My favorites- Hat / 2020

Since I started to only focus on being a professional artist, I spend all my time fixing white paper until it feels like it will catch fire, and I draw these idea on it.

I have many ideas, I have many things that I want to share with people, but I also have many things to consider to make the work go on.

All jobs are the same, as we’re working in a social world, we are never living alone and nothing can be done by oneself.

It’s a basic thing… but I recall everyday and I’m glad that I can feel it everyday. Yes, I’m a really sentimental person.

Now I’m working on my new project, a collaboration project. I hosted a Zoom meeting for the first time with my team and it was really impressive to me. I’m fighting big pressure from the responsibility but my team really helps me. I’m lucky I could work with them.

And I really love this job.

I’d love to use all my sentiment for it.

Power of sentiment, today’s song is:

ザ ブルーハーツ/ラブレター The Blue Hearts / Love letter



Illustration by seiko hayase

七転び八起き – Fall down seven times, get up eight –

Um, This is the title of my blog. It is a famous proverb in Japan.
Think about it like, I always get in trouble, sometime it’s a life problem, sometime it’s just the brain boiling… Whatever, I know that “happy” can’t last forever. That’s because we are living in a not so easy world. Sometime you fall and you can’t get up as soon as you hoped but once you’re up, there’s always some hope. I think.
Small or big? Old or young? How painful? We don’t have a scale for the pain.

And yeah, I can’t know everything.

But at least, If you try hard to learn, there’s always some answer to wake you up. It’s my guess. It’s what I’m trying. It’s my situation… Um, is it possible to think like “I keep up falling but will roll on”? Yep, I found one hope now.

But I always hope you are getting up or you trying to get up.

This isn’t about my current situation. It’s how life is. And I think this proverb is pretty good to express my emotion. Along with this character.

And by the way… Happy new year!

Seiko’s song of the day

ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ 悲しくてやりきれない

The Folk Crusaders I Can’t Bear How Sad It Is